What is Wanderast?

Wanderast helps you build your travel profile by giving you the best narration tools to organize your captured moments, customize the presentation, and help you write about your travel experience.

Make your adventures memorable and share it to the travel community. Wanderast gives you the traveler the ability to share, discover, and explore great travel stories from fellow wanderers.

With the different travel stories, you can see others’ personal adventures and perspectives, which can be useful for your next adventure plans.

Unlike other travel blogs and online magazine sites, Wanderast aims to become your personal travel journal for your next destination. Now, discover what is good and the places you’ve always wanted to go and plan them ahead. Start using Wanderast now to build your own earth-friendly footprint of travel stories, collect all your travel stories and mark a check on your bucket list one at a time.

Who maintains Wanderast?

Kenneth Bastian is the founder and maintainer of Wanderast.

Wanderast is based in Quezon City, Philippines under Fortcode Inc.

If you have any questions, send him a message on Twitter.

How can Wanderast help me build my travel profile?

Wanderast has its own set of narration tools that helps you create your own travel profile from scratch.

Our primary feature is our powerful and minimalistic Story Editor where you can upload photos, drag and drop anywhere in your story, add a caption and embed links from you other stories.

To help you organize your stories, we also have the Travel Collection where you can pin stories into your collection, drag and drop stories in order, and view them as a single web page.

What the origin of the name WANDERAST?

We conceived the name before and after our pivot meeting. Each one of the team member present in 2016 must contribute a name related to travel and story. One of the criterias is that the name must be available for the .com domain. However most of the names they provided were taken and thus the winner of the name competition is Wanderast.

However, in our opinion, it is not a boring name and most of the time it is mispronounced to wanderlust or wander-ass and it is kind of frustrating. But as founders of the company, it could mean "Wander, Read, Adventure and Stories". And to be honest, the abbreviation is just an afterthought.

What can Wanderast NOT do?

People are confused on what Wanderast is all about. As a response, Wanderast is focused on providing you the best tools to curate your travel stories. Thus we are not the following apps:

  • Booking site or app
  • Tourist review site
  • E-commerce website
  • Travel agent or tour organizer
  • Events finder

How does Wanderast make money?

We are not yet making money as of the moment.

We are planning to launch subscriptions that could offer advance features for you. so if you are interested on it, sign up and stay tuned for the news.