What is Wanderast?

Wanderast is a travel platform focusing on travel stories and preparing travelers on their next travel adventure.

Wanderast is primarily a blogging platform that provides easy to use and simple blogging tools to write your travel stories both on the website and the Android app.

As of the moment, we are working on the data about the places in the Philippines.

Who maintains Wanderast?

Wanderast is now owned by Potatocodes Inc.

Does Wanderast have an app?

Yes, you can download the Android app from the Play Store.

Why is the iOS app not available?

Wanderast does not have enough resources and time to develop an iOS app for Wanderast.

What is the difference between the app and web?

Wanderast app is a convenient way to help you build your story as you travel, through images and some text. Think of it as a story-building app for capturing moments on the go. You can have up to 12 moments per story and easily manage how it’s going to appear through the in-app features.

The website wanderast.com on the other hand, is a much more flexible tool for managing your stories’ content by giving you a set of editing tools such as photos you can drag-and-drop onto your post, embedding support for links and other media, header options, bold text, italics, hyperlinks, ordered lists, unordered lists, blockquotes, and more. This is for those who want to get into writing or blogging but feel intimidated by the complexity of other online writing platforms.

App for on-the-go storytelling, Web App for long storytelling.

Try our Android app from the Google Play Store.

What is the web's editor?

For desktop users, use our powerful and minimalistic Story Editor where you can upload photos then drag and drop them anywhere in your story, add a caption, embed links and Youtube videos.

If you are reading this and have an account already, you might as well try it.

Now if you are accessing using our mobile phone, we developed an alpha-version for the app's storyboard in the web.

What is the app's storyboard?

For Android users, use our simple Storyboard where you can add up to 12 moments each with their caption so you can form a story.

You can also try to organize your stories into collections, upload travel photos follow other travelers and contribute to places.

Wanderast lacks features for places, why is that?

Kenneth is still building new features around places and maps so you create a list of places you want to visit and have been visited in your bucketlist. Please stay tuned for updates.

What makes Wanderast different?

We categorize Wanderast as a travel blogging platform but centered around the users and places.

Here is the Wanderast manifesto:

  • Travel stories over trending posts.
  • Inspire and inform responsibly over hype and social virality.
  • Sustainability over short-term popularity.

What is the origin of the name WANDERAST?

It means "Wander, Read, Adventure and Stories". Although, this abbreviation is just an afterthought after choosing a random word for the domain.

What can Wanderast NOT do?

People are confused on what Wanderast is all about. As a response, Wanderast is focused on providing you the best tools to curate your travel stories, itinerary and your profile.

Wanderast is not of the following apps:

  • Booking site or app
  • Tourist review site
  • E-commerce website
  • Travel agent or tour organizer
  • Events finder

How does Wanderast make money?

We are public-funded by the community which has been so far shouldered by the founder's money.

We plan to create a Patreon account as soon as we completed building the places in the Philippines.

Is Wanderast open for partnership?

We are not open to provide a public API.

If you want to share the itineraries of your travel events, feel free to share and you are allowed to do so for free.

If you want to do a partnership about what we do, please send an email to [email protected].