Frequently Asked Questions

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There are a lot of travel blogs and FB groups for travelling, what makes Wanderast different?

Wanderast is a travel community platform that is driven by its users. Think of it as a collective platform for all the travel blogs. The difference between Wanderast and the other blogs/groups is the idea of community. Like FB groups, other people can post anything they want about travel but unlike FB groups, the platform's features are created for travel.

Also, Facebook groups only cater to specific travel interests. (e.g. Hiking, Beach, Backpackers, DIY, etc) Wanderast aims to collect all the websites, blogs, and groups into one community, listed in each of their respective categories.

Why use your site if I have Facebook or other social media sites?

Think of Wanderast as an all-in-one FB group. FB groups are created for general purposes. These groups weren't created for travel specifically. With Wanderast, everything about travel are in one place so its features really cater to the travel enthusiasts and wanderlusts. Plus all of your audience are fellow travelers. They have same passions as you so you can expect some great discussions and conversations with them about the topics you both love.

What can I expect more from Wanderast?

We really want to hear more about what you guys want to see on the site. We love to make it something you would actually use often. If you have any suggestions and comments about the site, contact us at [email protected]. Since we are still growing and improving, expect a lot more features would come soon.

I am a blogger and I want to collaborate with Wanderast, how can I contact you?

You can contact us through [email protected]. You can also message through our Facebook page.

My account is not yet verified. Am I still able to create my own collections?

Yes, certainly! As long as you have registered to Wanderast you are entitled in creating collections.

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