Sharing Guidelines

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Best Practices for Writing Stories

  • Use the language you preferred. English or Tagalog is allowed to use but you must take note that it is your blogging account and you must know your audience.
  • Use your personal travel photos. Cite the photos that you have used but do not own in your stories. Add links and the name of the owner.
  • Your title must be short, concise and clear. It should describe your story perfectly.
  • The first paragraph of your travel story must summarize your whole story. This acts as a hint for the search engines to use your keywords when looking up for stories.
  • If you have a personal blog, only embedding your links does not generate a thumbnail and it does not help your website's SEO. Add a few paragraphs and add a photo to create a well balanced story with your links.

What content do you share on your social media?

We only share good quality content on our social media channels, so if you want to promote your story, you can notify me on our Discord channel or just send me an email.

Our Facebook format is to share the best photos of your story and your best caption as the text in the post. Of course, promoting your stories helps you gain followers but more than that, you could help wandering souls to explore places around the world.

Our Instagram format is normally the same but we post only one photo about your travel and the best caption you can make.

We do not normally post on Twitter since it is for announcements on the platform.

What kinds of stories/links are allowed in Wanderast?

Share your great adventures and places you want everybody to know about. We love to hear fascinating stories from well-traveled wanderlusts and interested travel enthusiasts.

It can be anything. Generally, you can use the tags as your guide when writing your travel story, but here's a few suggestions to help you start:

  • Travel adventures and experiences
  • Travel events such as festivals, surf camps & hiking schedules, group tours, etc.
  • Create itineraries and tips for first-time travelers
  • Food and hotel reviews or recommendations
  • Cross-promote blogs, articles and other establishments through links
  • Or start a thread by asking a question related to traveling

What kinds of posts are NOT allowed in Wanderast?

This is a travel platform so anything not related to travel is not allowed. We want to promote fun and positivity! But if it's still not clear, here are some specifics to guide you:

  • Rants and hate messages that directly attacks people and/or establishments
  • Illegal sites that may contain malwares
  • Pornographic materials and other photos that are not safe for work (NSFW)

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