Wanderast Team

The current Wanderast team is composed of 8 wanderers based in Quezon city, Philippines.

The team in Mt. Maculot from February 2017

From left to right: Basti, Archie, JM, Dahrren, Gelo, and Ems. A time where everybody wants to travel anywhere. But after this hike, the hype eventually died out. You want to ask why? Obviously, hiking is exhausting with frustrations along the way. So surely you want to say what a bunch of kids. And I say, that's what we feel and we feel honest about it. Deal with it. But let me finish first before you drop your phone. Again, we would hike mountains again with honest frustrations 8/10.

The Office - July 2017

Our office location is in Timog ave., Quezon city. The office floor size is small, the atmosphere is gloomy, and the color is quite azure-ing. But rest assured, the work we are doing is fantastic, and the team culture is amazingly lively. However our work environment is a vicious landscape of class struggles to get the inheritance - a battlefield full of object-oriented swords, a crossbow equipped with arrow functions, strongly-typed armor, async-await Mongolian horse archers, and public static void peasants.

Oh, not to mention, it is full of sticky notes and marker scribbles. So we often get the information overload sickness, almost everyday. I did not write this to prevent new hires.

The team from July 2017

The regulars and the interns - the two marketing interns exited early so they were not included in this photo. 😢

Christmas Break 2017 at NIU

Then the Christmas went by that we have only one intern on our team and she is at the center leading the charge for our team lunch in Mall of Asia. We exchanged gifts using an alias. Dren, JM and Bill guess the draw picks and they were correct 50% of the time. That shows how the alias draw picks are effective.

Oh, Bill is absent here.

Latest Excursion in San Juan, La Union

How can you pass up the great atmosphere, chilling air of the sea and the vibrant culture of LU. Lounging in the midst of the Flotsam Jetsam is the team engage in a very long discussion by the sea.

Meanwhile JM is absent here.