12 Beach Getaways for the Weekend

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Many people are looking for amazing beaches near Metro Manila that are perfect for quick weekend getaways. Everybody wants a quick beach escape from the city every once in a while. Fortunately, you don't need to have a beach house or be a member of an exclusive resort just to see great beaches here in the country. There so many beautiful public beaches available that you don't have to go far just to soak up under the sun. No need to board an airplane, no need to save up a lot! Now you don't have any excuses to chase the sun this summer! 

Photo taken at Laiya



Photo by One Lonely Traveler

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How to get there:

From Pasay City near MRT EDSA Taft station, board Crow Bus or Celyrosa Bus for Calatagan, Batangas. Usually, the first trip to Calatagan is at 4:00AM and last trip is at 4:30PM. The travel time is usually around 3 hours and the bus goes through the Aguinaldo - Tagaytay - Nasugbu route.

Malabrigo Beach, Lobo

Photo by Philippine Beaches

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How to get there:

Board a bus bound to Batangas City and get off at Diversion or Balagtas. After dropping off, look for the jeep bound for SM Batangas and ride the jeepney. Ask the driver to drop you off at the jeep terminal bound for Lobo, then take another jeep to Lobo. From Lobo, take a tricycle to Malabrigo Beach.

Fortune Island, Nasugbu, Batangas

Photo by Tere Terebol

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How to get there:

Take a bus from Manila to Nasugbu. Get off at Jollibee, Nasugbu Town Proper and ride a tricycle to Fortune Island Resort in Barangay Wawa. The resort will accommodate the boat ride to the island. It is recommended that you go there in groups so the boat rental would be cheaper.

Laiya, Batangas

Photo from Wikipedia

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How to get there:

Take a bus from Manila to San Juan, Batangas. You can board the Alps Bus either at EDSA Nepa Q-Mart, Araneta Center Cubao, or Alabang Grand Terminal. The first trip is at 3:00 AM and the last one departs at 5:00 PM. 

In San Juan, right in front of the Municipal Hall, take a Laiya or Hugom bound jeep. The last jeep trip to Laiya is at 5:00 pm. You can also hire tricycles to Laiya but it would be more expensive. (around PHP 200-300)



Photo by Coral View, Morong, Bataan

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How to get there:

From Manila, take a bus going to Balanga, Bataan. Head out to the local bus station and board a bus going to Morong, Bataan. From Morong Town Proper, take a tricycle to your resort. 


San Antonio, Zambales

Photo by Nel De Leon

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How to get there:

Travel by bus from Manila to Iba or Sta. Cruz, Zambales and get off at San Antonio Public Market. The ride is around 4 hours. From the market, take a tricycle to Pundaquit. When you arrive, the boat tours available to the the coves cost Php 1000 for Anawangin, Php 1500 for Nagsasa, and Php 2000 for Silanguin. If you want to go to Capones and Camara Islands, add Php 500 for the trip.


Photo by Black Owl

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How to get there:

From Manila, ride a bus to Sta. Cruz, Zambales. Ask the bus to drop you off at Uacon Barangay Hall, Candelaria. The ride is around 7 hours. From the barangay hall, take a tricycle to the jump-off to Potipot Island. Ask the tricycle drivers to bring you to the boats to Potipot Island. From the jump-off point, take a boat to Potipot Island. 


Photo by Gala Malaya

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How to get there:

From Manila, take a bus to Sta. Cruz, Zambales. The ride is around 6-7 hours.

Get off at Brgy. Pangolingan, Palauig and you’ll see tricycles on the road. Note: Bus drivers are not familiar with this drop-off point so tell them places like Luan Port, Masinloc Town or Radio Veritas Road since those are near the area. Take a tricycle to Armada Compound and buy your supplies. Ride a boat to Magalawa Island. The boat ride is around 10 minutes.



Photo by Iza of Take The Travel

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How to get there:

Take a bus from Cubao or Pasay to Bolinao, Pangasinan. You can board Victory Liner or Five Star Buses to Bolinao. From Bolinao, you can take a tricycle to take you to your hotel and/or town center.

Cabongaoan Beach

Photo by Way PH

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How to get there:

FromManila, take an Alaminos or Bolinao bound bus and get off at Alaminos town. From Alaminos, ride a bus bound for Sta. Cruz, Zambales and get off at Burgos town proper. Rent a tricycle to Cabongaoan Beach. Note: Since the road is still unpaved and underdeveloped, be prepared for a rough ride to the beach.


Jomalig Island

Photo by Ellie of Chasing Culprit

Check out Chasing Culprit's blog post on Jomalig Island: A Travel Guide to Jomalig Island 

How to get there:

From Manila, get on a Raymond Bus bound for Infanta. The terminal is at Legarda. The travel time is usually 4-5 hours. Tell the driver to drop you off at Ungos Port to Jomalig. Ask around for a tiny hut by the port. This is where passengers bound to Jomalig usually wait. Ride a boat bound for Jomalig. (Php 200 – Php 350) Travel time takes about 5-6 hours. There’s a boat that leaves for Jomalig at 7:00 am..


Photo by Travel Pilipinas

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How to get there: 

Ride a Jac Liner Bus (Cubao or Buendia) bound for Lucena. Get off at Lucena Grand Terminal and ride a bus/van to Mauban. From Mauban Terminal, head out to the port for Cagbalete Island which is near the terminal. Don't worry, there are signs that point to the location of the port. 

There is also another option where you can take a bus bound directly to Mauban with trips once daily that depart at 4AM.

What is your favorite quick beach getaway? Comment them below and share your experiences there with your fellow travelers!

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