Long Weekend Cheat Sheet for 2018

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We know you work hard, so you deserve all the breaks you can get. In response, we've created this Long Weekend cheat sheet for 2018 just for you so you can plan ahead more easily. Found below are also some suggestions and where to go on your 3-4 day breaks.  

Chinese New Year (February 16-18)

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Known as the oldest Chinatown in the Philippines, people flock to Binondo for a taste of some delicious and authentic Chinese food. But why stop there? Head to Binondo on Chinese New Year to witness the fantastic street parade and celebrations for a GI (Genuine Intsik) experience.  

Holy Week (March 29-April 1)

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In keeping with the week's peaceful and meditative mood, head to Siargao for some relaxation away from the other more popular (not to mention crowded!) beaches. Try out a workshop in surf yoga which incorporates yoga practices into your surfing routine. After all, isn't Holy Week a holistic quest towards improving the connection among the mind, body and soul?

Araw ng Kagitingan (April 7-9)

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All over the world, Planet Earth Day is celebrated on the month of April. Take a three-day retreat from your busy city life and plan a visit to The Farm at San Benito  and bask in its all-natural, green-loving goodness. Time to be one with the Earth!

Labor Day (April 28-May 1, Leave on April 30)

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One interesting thing about the Japanese is that although they are very efficient, they also know how to rest. Tagged as one of the top places to visit in 2017 and still maintaining its spot among the highest-ranking cities in the world, Tokyo is the place to be on Labor Day. Whether you're up for something fast and exciting, or you just want to wander around the gardens and temples, Tokyo covers it all.  

Independence Day (June 9-12, Leave on June 11) 

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June, being National Heritage Month, is the perfect time to visit the quaint heritage village of Las Casas de Filipinas de Acuzar. Re-creating the stone houses and buildings of the Spanish Colonial era, Las Casas will make you feel like you're living in Philippine history. 

Ninoy Aquino Day (August 18-21, Leave on 20)

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Born in Tarlac, Senator Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino will forever be cemented in our minds as a Filipino martyr and the face of a revolution. Discover the place and region where he grew up in and take a road trip through

Central Luzon

on this day.  

National Heroes Day (August 25-27)

Photo Credit: Allan Jay Quesada/Commons Wikimedia

Ah, Intramuros: the old walled city of Manila and once the seat of power during the its time. Walk the footsteps of the


and promenade through its cobblestone streets, dropping by Fort Santiago where you can literally follow the footsteps of the Philippine's national hero, Jose Rizal, on his final walk. 

Halloween (November 1-4)

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Siquijor is a province of great wonder and mysticism. Hailed as the place of witches and healers, reference Halloween's eerie magic by dipping your feet in the spring underneath the Enchanted Balete Tree

Bonifacio Day (November 30-December 2)

What better way to celebrate Bonifacio Day than taking a trip to Zambales, hometown of the Father of the Revolution himself. Plan a hike to Mount Pinatubo or catch some waves at one of its beautiful beaches. Your choice. 

Where do you usually go on the long weekends? Comment below!

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