Visa Guides for Philippine Passport Holders

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We have compiled a list of all our visa guides here on the site. So, if you are looking for the next international destination to go to this 2017, check out some of the countries listed below and explore these destinations!

Japanese Visa

Japan has recently become the "it" destination for Filipinos. Filled with amazing food, beautiful sceneries, and vibrant neighborhoods, Filipinos never get tired of exploring this country! 

Read how to apply HERE

South Korean Visa

After watching loads of Korean dramas and singing to dozens of K-Pop Idols, we know you've been wanting to go to this country and experience it firsthand. Thankfully, the South Korean visa is one of the easiest to secure. And did we mention it's free?!? 

Read how to apply HERE

Taiwanese Visa*

Due to cheap flight options, numerous of Filipinos have been flocking to Taiwan recently. This place is brimming with amazing food, lively night markets, enchanting natural scenery, and majestic historical structures that will surely make you want to come back soon.

*Also has a Visa-Free Option

Read how to apply HERE

Chinese Visa

We all know China has amazing historical structures like The Great Wall, Forbidden City, and the Temple of Heaven but Filipinos often overlook them since most of the travelers prefer going to countries like Japan or South Korea. However, China has vast metropolises that are still left to explore! If you think you've been to most Asian cities, try exploring China this 2017!

Read how to apply HERE

Indian Visa

This country is a backpacking heaven. Filled with mystical landscapes, and tantalizing food, India is brimful of different cultures and history. 

Read how to apply HERE

Australian Visa

If you want to go somewhere different, why don't you try heading down under? Australia offers great natural wonders, unique ecosystem, and amazing cities like Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne. If you really want to explore something new, try heading out to Australia this year!

Read how to apply HERE

New Zealand Visa

Been a fan of LOTR and The Hobbit for a long time? You should head out to New Zealand and see where all the famous rolling hills and gorgeous sceneries was shot! New Zealand is nature haven for all travelers!

Read how to apply HERE

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