What is Places?

Places is a feature to help wanderers create their trips, estimate their schedule and expenses and suggest attractions that are worth their visit.

We are mapping the places in the South East Asia and East Asia region as of this year starting in the Philippines, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand and South Korea.

How can I put up my photo on a place?

The only way to automatically add the photos is to post your own story on Wanderast. Then tag your story to a place, which automatically adds it to the Photos page of the place. We can set up the banner of the place using your photo from there.

However, if you do not want to post a story, Wanderast does not have a feature that lets you change the photo of the place. You can join us in our Discord server or send me DM through Twitter if you want your photo there.

My content or photo is not attributed, how can I take it down?

Majority of the content about the places are referencing the wikis or blogs that it has used. Take note that we do not monetize your content or sell it to other business for advertisement purposes which is why you will not see any ad banners or ad photos in the sidebars.

You can send an official takedown request or attribution notice through our inbox. You can join us in our Discord server to discuss your issue.

How do I contribute to the places?

Right now, the moderators and admins of Wanderast are tagging the old stories to a place and building the right amount of network for the places. We will update this page as soon as we are ready to release the full version.

Send your travel questions or submit suggestions in our channel: https://discord.gg/tK7RkF4